POWERVE - POrtable WEigher for Railway VEhicles

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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall B, CityCube 204

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Via B. Brin 59, int. C18
80142 Napoli Campania

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall B, CityCube 204
  • Railway Technology Railway Technology

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Product description

POWERVE is a hand-portable system able to measure the vertical force load from each wheel of a railway vehicle on the rail.
  • Would you like to measure a rolling stock anywhere in the field easily carry by hand your measurement system?
  • Would you like to fast install/unistall and move your measurement system in your depot in order to easily measure the rolling stocks on different tracks?
  • Would you like enough measurement accuracy in order to set the best rolling stock balance?
  • Would you like to automatically obtain a measurement report already in line with the new prEN 15654-2 requirements?
  • Would you like a dedicated Cloud database to store and manage the performed measurements?

POWERVE is your solution!!!
  1. Each Wheelset Kit is very lightweight (25kg split in 2 transport cases).
  2. The installation doesn’t require any fixing or spacers, just lean the system on the rail on a straight track!
  3. Load Cells Class II according to ISO 376. Moreover, the system accuracy <1% has been certified in field by a Notified Body;
  4. The measurement report at the end of the measurement contains all the fundamental quantities and elaborations according to the prEN 15654-2, to be easily evaluated by the technicians.
  5. The SW on the tablet manages the measurement process, and automatically upload the obtained results to the Cloud. The measurements can be downloaded from the Cloud in several common formats (Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.)

It measures on a straight track, and the load cells are interposed just between the top of the rail and the wheel tyre at the wheel/rail interface, not on the wheel flange. POWERVE measures the true rolling stock balance on the track, preventing derailments.
During the life of any rail vehicle, without considering weight changes, the distribution of the wheel forces is mainly a function of the wear of the wheel rolling surfaces diameters and by the suspensions stiffness. So, especially for mantained vehicles with worn wheels, measuring on the wheel tyre near the wheel reference point instead of other points as the wheel flange or the axle box is fundamental to correctly understand the real rolling stock balance on the track.
Obtaining the best wheel force distribution allows to improve the running safety and extend the life cycle of the wheels and the rails, because it minimizes potential slips during traction and braking.

POWERVE has been developed to measure from 2 to 6 wheelsets at the same time and it can be used in the following two ways:
  • The first one is to use POWERVE to measure the wheel force distribution of a rolling stock in two measurement sessions. The 1° measurement session allows to measure the 1°running gear of the vehicle body, and the 2° measurement session allows to measure the 2°running gear of the same vehicle body. This procedure, thanks to the POWERVE technical characteristics, generates a measuring error that could be negligible in most of application cases.
  • The second one is to use POWERVE to measure all the running gears of the same vehicle body at the same time and on the same plane. In this case, the measurement will be in line with the new prEN 15654-2 - Railway applications - Measurement of vertical forces on wheels and wheelsets Part 2: Test in workshop for new, modified and maintained vehicles. Then it is necessary to weigh the whole railcar at the same time on a perfectly straight and levelled track (as specified in the prEN 15654-2 paragraph Alignment of contact points / Track characteristics definition).
Moreover POWERVE has been developed to move the rolling stock just 1 meter during the measurements. This allows to perform the tests also in small workshops where the length of the tracks is not always 3 times the length of the rolling stock to be weighed.

The POWERVE system is extremely modular according to the measurement necessities. It is constituted by 2 main functional parts:
  • Wheelset Kit
  • Control System
The Wheelset Kit includes the mechanical parts and the sensing elements with the dedicated acquisition boards, needed to measure 1 single wheelset.
The Control System includes the execution and control elements, needed to manage the measuring process.
The commercial configurations of the POWERVE system are:

- POW2X – made of 2 Wheelset Kits (each one measures at the same time the vertical forces of each wheel of a wheelset), and 1 Control System.
- POW3X – 3 Wheelset Kits and 1 Control System.
- POW4X – 4 Wheelset Kits and 1 Control System.
- POW6X – 6 Wheelset Kits and 1 Control System.

Several different Wheelset Kits can be used together, but with the same Control System.
POWERVE is supplied, in its standard version, to be installed on rail profiles from UNI 50 to UNI 60. Other rail profiles ranges might be available under request.

Main Features:
  • It improves the rolling stock running safety, because it allows to measure the true distribution of wheel vertical forces on track, by measuring at the wheel/rail interface and in running order conditions, without modifying the natural status of the rolling stock suspensions, as on the track;
  • To properly perform these measurements on a rolling stock, several operational errors must be taken into account. In our case, not only the accuracy of the sensing elements has been certified (Load Cells Class II according to ISO 376), but also the whole measurement accuracy performed in field (<1% certified by a Notified Body).
  • Hand-transportable everywhere, also by airplane (25 kg for Wheelset Kit split in 2 cases) - Heaviest single part of just 7kg;
  • Already in line with the latest prEN 15654-2 requirements;
  • User friendly control SW on Tablet, that automatically generates reports in pdf format, equipped with Cloud technology to allow an easy management of the performed measurements (and to get data also in other formats, Excel, CSV, etc).
  • Easy to install in few minutes, and the installation does not require mechanical fixings procedure. Moreover does not require any spacer in order to balance the system on the same plane of the track.
  • Battery powered with 10 working hours battery life – MicroUSB rechargeable
  • Track gauge independent;
  • Equipped with several check controls during the measurement, both HW/SW, in order to perform human indipendent results. During the procedure the system asks to perform 4 measuring cycles as minimum. In case of too much difference between the measured values, the system automatically asks to perform more measurement cycles to ensure the certified accuracy results.
  • It weighs the rolling stock in self equilibrium condition, without the need of stopping the train on the system, inducing possible errors due to brake force reactions.
  • Useful to set the suspensions, in order to re-distribute the vertical forces when necessary;
  • The measurement procedure needs to move the rolling stock of just 1 meter during the measurements, so it is perfect also for small workshops;
  • Weighing range of 15 tons per wheel / 30 tons per axle
  • Identification of rolling stock also by means of photographs and their storage;
  • ​Wireless communication between devices and with the Tablet Management System
  • Data Transmission - Wifi/Bluetooth
INNOTRANS 2018's participation is co-financed by the European Union, by the Italian State and by the Region of Campania, within the ROP Campania ERDF 2014-2020