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The joint stock company PROKOP RAIL is a privately-owned Czech company with over 30 years of experience in the development and implementation of new technologies for railway infrastructure, particularly in solutions for railway road crossings and railway track noise reduction. Since 2006, the company has been working intensively on the issue of decreasing the sound pollution and vibrations of railway tracks that are produced primarily by the contact of the wheels with the track, undercarriages, traction motors, as well as the auxiliary aggregates located beneath the vehicles. Under its own innovative programme, SPEED WITH SILENCE, which focuses on new technological solutions for noise-reduction elements for quiet railway tracks.
At the INNOSTRANS 2016 trade fair, we will present the world-premiere of the BRENS® green, quiet track for urban and suburban railways and trams. It includes rail noise absorbers with a water-retention function and low acoustic barriers that retain water with vegetation coverage. We are aware of the fact that only the railway transportation system itself—both train and tram—can restore its paved-over surfaces back to the Earth's life cycle. In addition to reducing noise and vibrations, rail noise absorbers with the BRENS® water retention function also retain rainfall or artificial irrigation in a specifically defined manner in the upper section of the railway track structure and allow for its subsequent evaporation at the site. At the same time, it decreases the temperature of the track and increases the relative humidity of the environmental atmosphere. All of this is achieved while preserving the full and safe functionality of the track.
The track absorber sections or BRENS® low acoustic barriers comprise a prefabricated construction kit allowing for quick installation and dismantling. In the event of the need to access the railway superstructures or substructures, any section can be easily removed manually or by using a small crane. Contrary to current solutions, there is no need for landscaping-construction work to excavate soil and remove natural grass areas. The surface of the BRENS® rail noise absorbers can be comprised of a simple, natural covering of Sedum (a xerophilous, flowering stonecrop species), or for a maintenance-free option, the BRENS®  rail noise absorber can include a top-quality, long-lasting artificial grass surface. The surface of the sections can also be fitted with the traditional natural grass surface, as long as the operator is prepared to take on the increased cost for maintenance and secure a large quantity of environmentally-friendly irrigation water.
At the same time, we will also introduce the professional community to our traditional BRENS® products for railway road crossing construction, safety platforms, and track surface paving.
The goal of our first participation in the INNOTRANS 2016 trade fair is to offer our BRENS® products to the professional and general public. The new materials, technologies, and construction solutions utilised represent a symbolic link of two modes of transportation: automobile and railway. In other words, we will present products whose creation is dependent upon the production or liquidation of automotive vehicles.
Today's society is founded on the movement of tangible and intangible assets. The current needs of populations are satisfied solely by their mobility. Without quality infrastructure, however, this mobility cannot be secured. And so, fast, high-capacity, safe, and quiet railway transportation is indispensable for the long-term sustainable mobility of worldwide populations and their economic development. The Czech Republic has maintained an attainable, high-capacity and safe railway transportation system, but is now faced with the difficult task of constructing new high-speed and quiet railway infrastructures. Our goal is to be a part of it.

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