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Product description

RaIL-AiD (Railway Infrastructure and Layout Aided Designer) is a NEAT software tool(*) designed to support:
  • the project engineers of railway / tramway / subway control systems during both the descending (design) and ascending (verification) phases of the EN50126 V-cycle, by allowing the reuse of the design and configuration task effort as a starting point for simulation and verification purposes
  • the railway engineers in trackside data preparation for IXL and ERTMS systems, by simplifying the railway infrastructure planning process by automating the tedious and time-consuming operations of producing consistent railway drawings and objects attributes
  • the infrastructure managers in monitoring and controlling train operations and in handling route, transport and traffic management tasks, by providing a clear overview of all transport control systems processes
RaIL-AiD has a modular architecture based on a plug-in infrastructure that enables the deployment of targeted solutions (bundles), completely customisable according to the user’s needs.

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NEAT srl

NEAT srl


Exhibitor profile

Your safe reliable system, everywhere.

NEAT is an independent design and development company, with extensive experience in creating exclusive hardware and software solutions for mission and safety critical applications, offering highly specialized engineering services for customers who play a major role in avionics, aerospace, railway, military and industrial markets. In addition NEAT provides its own 2oo2 HW/SW platform, geminix2.0, together with a complete suite of Software Development Tools, enabling the implementation of safetycritical and/or high reliability embedded applications, certifiable with levels of safety integrity up to SIL 4.

«Our mission is to become leader in H/W and S/W semi-custom solution for mission and safety-critical applications, working together with our customers, never competing with them.»
SimoneCabasino, president of NEAT

NEAT exploits specific and certifiable design-flows, which respect the strictest criteria required by the safety regulations (CEI/IEC SIL - level 4 and DO178C/254 - level A) and the highest quality standards (ISO 9001:2008, IRIS, ISO 9100:2009). Moreover NEAT has considerable know-how both in the standard development and in the certification process of railway applications (EN 50126/50128/50129/50159, IEC 61508). The products delivered by NEAT assure total reliability even in harsh environments and thus meet the
required safety standards.
NEAT has solid, extensive experience in the HW/SW co-design, in the development of real-time S/W applications and in the use of programmable logical devices. NEAT adopts the most advanced techniques for the simulation, design, development testing and qualification of its products. Specific tools are used to perform, as an example: Model Driven Design, Design for Testability, Whole System Simulation and Fault Injection Test.
NEAT has in addition developed other tools for Defensive Programming, H/W and S/W Integration Automatic Test, Finite State Machine Verification, Safety Critical Data
NEAT boasts top quality expertise in the development of mission and/or safety-critical algorithms and applications regarding the following areas: Synthetic Aperture Radar
(SAR), UAV piloting, flying and control route optimization, Crisis and Emergency Management.

Excellence in technical skills:
  • highly qualified staff (Master Degree or Ph.D. in Engineering, Information Technology or Physics)
  • over 14 years of experience in development of mission and safety critical systems
More than 55 mission and safety critical projects:
  • 22 railway
  • 16 avionic/space
  • 9 industrial
  • 10 ICT
Entirely developed by NEAT:
  • 1,600,000 C/C++ SLOC
  • 580,000 C#/VB SLOC
  • 260,000 VHDL SLOC
  • 250,000 test cases
  • 1,300 documents
  • 60 different custom boards (with production kit)
Other specific expertise:
  • development of multi-supplier interoperable data preparation tools (ERTMS/SCMT)
  • integration of EN 50159 compliant protocols (026, 037, 036, 098, PVS), CIP EtherNet/IP
Design services
For OEMs, the challenge of ever decreasing design cycles coupled with the rapid advancements in technology has given rise to a need for independent design houses.
NEAT offers its expertise in the design and development of digital, CPU based electronic boards and systems mainly for safety critical contexts. NEAT offers architectural
design, schematic entry, board layout, FPGA code (VHDL) and application development.

Fast prototyping and production
For systems production, NEAT has selected and qualified some international electronic and mechanic manufacturing services from among the market leaders.
For systems fast prototyping, NEAT exploits some internal facilities: pick and place machine, bga reworking station, optical bga inspection tool, reflow oven. Other dedicated tools close the list of the internal laboratory: serial data analyzer, oscilloscopes, meters and a climate chamber.

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