RailMeasurement Ltd.


79 River Lane
United Kingdom

InnoTrans 2018
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Exhibitor profile

World leaders in rail corrugation and acoustic roughness

The main business of RailMeasurement Ltd (RML) is the development, production and supply of state-of-the-art equipment to measure rail corrugation and acoustic roughness. One of RML's founders, Dr Stuart Grassie, has over 40 years experience and has published widely in this field.

RML supply instruments to measure irregularities on both rails and wheels and to process these measurements to obtain useful information. Our goal is to set standards rather than simply comply with existing standards; in some cases we have indeed helped to establish standards whose novelty has been reflected subsequently elsewhere. Our hand-held CAT and bi-CAT equipment is widely used to measure both corrugation and acoustic roughness over a wide wavelength range from mm to metres. It is used to demonstrate compliance with demanding standards on both air-borne and ground-borne noise, for rail corrugation surveys and for quality assurance of rail reprofiling works.

Our vehicle-mounted RCA was developed initially for use on rail maintenance trains. However, measurements from this equipment are of sufficiently high standard that they have been used for prediction of wheel/rail noise by HS2 in the UK. Over most of the wavelength range of interest the RCA, CAT and bi-CAT give substantially identical measurements. The RCA appears to give superior measurements at wavelengths of more than about 1m. We are currently supplying an RCA to Crossrail in the UK that will be used to monitor longitudinal irregularities to a wavelength of at least 2m and to what is possibly the most demanding specification in the world. Of great importance to users is the fact that this equipment is extremely robust and reliable: RCAs are still in routine use after a decade of operation with minimal maintenance. An RCA on a hi-rail vehicle has travelled about 30,000km per annum for several years with minimal maintenance (regrettably repair was required after the equipment hit an animal on the track). Spare parts are required so rarely that no client of whom we are aware carries spares.

Our equipment is fully CE-marked. It conforms not only to the relevant standards for manufacture, electromagnetic interference etc but also to all standards of which we are aware for testing of the accuracy of equipment.

Our hand-held measuring equipment is available for both purchase and hire.

We provide a consultancy service to undertake measurements of wheel and rail irregularities to the appropriate standards, to analyse these measurements, report on the results and comment (if requested) on them. A service to undertake routine surveys of rail corrugation for reprofiling purposes is also provided, with reporting on prioritisation for rail reprofiling based on severity of corrugation.

In addition, we provide a consultancy service on vehicle / track interaction, rail damage and rail corrugation.

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