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Product description

KONČAR designs and manufactures:
Electric traction substations, sectioning stations, reactive power compensators, point heating systems, coach preheating devices, level crossings, SCADA for electric traction power supply, track circuits, power supply for station interlocking systems and rectifier stations.
Power transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, instrument transformers, UPS and control and protection cubicles.

Point Heating System
Point Heating System prevents snow and ice settling on railway points and allows reliable operation in low temperature conditions.
Point Heating System includes an IT protection system. It can be operated manually or automatically by weather station and have both local (in cabinet) and remote control and signalization (SCADA).
Power supply can be provided from overhead contact line or distributive transformer station. Point Heating System supports heaters of different lengths for all point types.

Trackside Auxiliary Converter fed by Overhead Line
KONTRAC PN 30 AC is a trackside auxiliary power supply converter fed by 25 kV, 50 Hz overhead line. It is used to supply various loads in substation facilities or anywhere along the railway track (power supply for integrated lighting and information systems, railway signalling and protection systems, etc.).

The converter uses the same technology as our rolling stock converters, so it is proven against railway specific voltage spikes, sags, surges and harmonics caused by current drawn from older locomotives that use diode or thyristor rectification.

The converter is primarily intended to be used as a backup supply source (in case of distribution voltage failure). However, in projects where poor or no distribution network is available, this converter can be used as a primary power source as well.





Exhibitor profile

tradition. knowledge. responsibility.

KONČAR is the region’s leading manufacturer of electric rail vehicles. We produce low-floor electric motor and diesel electric trains, low-floor trams and modernise electric locomotives. KONČAR develops and integrates on-trend digital solutions into its products and facilities in energy, transportation and industry. We design and deliver equipment and facilities for electricity generation, transmission and distribution. The products from our factories are built into hydropower plants worldwide. KONČAR develops and offers renewable energy equipment and solutions in step with global trends. Innovation, knowledge, proprietary development and expertise have been the foundation of our work since the very beginning.
KONCAR is organized as a group, consisting of a parent company (KONČAR Electrical Industry Inc.), 14 subsidiaries and 2 affiliated companies, divided into the following business areas:


Our business activities rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing and social responsibility principles. All phases of our production cycle and after sales activities are aligned with highest professional standards. We are committed to responsible usage of natural energy resources, appropriate disposal and waste recycling, protection of human and natural environment and continuous implementation and development of new technologies. In order to best respond to customer needs and challenges of contemporary global markets we have built our team around highly educated experts while fostering lifelong learning and upskilling.
KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute activities:
  • Research, development and innovation
  • Laboratory center and certification body
  • Proprietary solutions

MAJOR REFERENCES of our proprietary development and production technologies:
Prototype of regional low-floor electric multiple unit for the Railways of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
11 regional low-floor electric multiple units for Croatian Railways
11 urban / suburban low-floor electric multiple units for Croatian Railways
5 diesel electric multiple units for Croatian Railways
142 low-floor trams for the City of Zagreb
Modernisation of 36 locomotives for Croatian Railways
Modernisation of 18 locomotives for Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Modernisation of 22 locomotives for Turkish Railways
Modernisation of 30 locomotives for Serbian Railways
Modernisation of 20 locomotives for Bulgarian Railways
Modernisation of 5 locomotives for Macedonian Railways
Modernisation of 3 locomotives for CFR Romanian State Railways
Modernisation of 28 multiple units for Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and for Croatian Railways

Signalling and interlocking equipment for level crossings for Croatian Railways
Upgrade of the electric traction system on the following railway routes: Moravice-Rijeka-Sapjane Skrljevo-Bakar, Sarajevo-Zenica-Doboj
Traction substation 110/ 25 kV, Kralovani, Slovakia

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