Shanghai Gino Telema Resistors Co., Ltd.


No. 565 Chenjing Road
Sijing Town
Songjiang District

Shanghai Municipality, 201601

InnoTrans 2018
  • Railway Technology Railway Technology

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Exhibitor profile

Shanghai GINO TELEMA Resistors Co., Ltd (SGT) is a joint venture among Chinese, German and Italian companies and specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of high power resistors. The main products are metal sheet resistors featuring small volume, great electric current, fast heat dissipation and high reliability. And its design and manufacturing are in a leading position in China. Divers resistor units with different power and resistance value can be made from the combination of the metal sheet resistor. Their application in the fields of braking and grounding resistors has non-replaceable advantages. The applications of the products include starting and braking resistors for motors, braking resistors for transducers and cranes, metros, railway transportation and other motorcycles, neutral grounding resistors, loading resistors, filter resistors and charging resistors for the electric power industry.

The investors of SGT are Shanghai Krah Electronics Co., Ltd. (SKE), German Gino GmbH and Italian Telema S.P.A. SKE enjoys the largest market-share in automobile resistors and elevator resistors and has been accredited with QS9000 and ISO9001. The GINO GmbH has a history of 60 years for manufacturing various resistors that are used worldwidely in cranes, engines of transmission equipment, drivers of transducer and switchgear systems. Telema S.P.A. is the largest manufacturer of braking resistors in Europe and has subsidiaries in USA, England and France. And 50% of its employees are professionals and the company is strong in technical development. GINO and Telema have together the largest international market share, they are no double the market leader of corresponding products. The braking resistors manufactured in GINO and Telema are used by the metro in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and the magnetically suspension train in Shanghai.

The establishment of SGT is a combination of the strongest manufacturers of braking and grounding resistors in the world. It is equipped with all the predominance of technology and management in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of the resistors and hence lays a strong foundation for providing quality products and services.

Based upon the principle of quality first and customer first, SGT wishes to create a beautiful future together with its customers.

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