Ultra Fog Ltd.


5 Grain House, Mill Court
Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom

InnoTrans 2020 InnoTrans 2018
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Exhibitor profile

Ultra Fog High Pressure Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

Effective firefighting becomes more and more important in our world to protect people as well as property. For more than twenty years Ultra Fog has developed their high-pressure fire suppression sprinkler system for fighting fires with water mist.

Product development, manufacturing, and assembly are carried out at its facilities as the business responds to industry demands through the supply of effective and safe solutions for firefighting. The Ultra Fog products can be used across a wide range of land, marine, offshore and rolling stock applications and the Ultra Fog system has been tested and approved by the main Classification Registers in the world.

Water mist sprinkler systems are highly effective, more than conventional sprinklers and rapidly extinguish all kinds of fires. In Ultra Fog’s system, water mist is produced using water expelled under high pressure through a patented nozzle. The nozzle creates a very fine mist of micro-droplets that is comparable to fog. This fog reduces the heat very quickly and suffocates the fire by preventing oxygen getting through to feed the fire. Because the system only uses water it is completely non-toxic and can be used even when people are present within the space. To supply the water to the system Ultra Fog uses a range of differently sized pumps depending on the water required from a P35, MPU235, MPU335, Micropump, Master Pump Unit or an Accumulator Unit consisting of Nitrogen and water bottles.

At InnoTrans 2018 Ultra Fog will introduce its automatic fire suppression system for trains. The new system has been designed to meet new laws and regulations for the protection of trains. Our high-performance product is the result a of continuous programme of research and development which has led to extensive certification. The most important issue of rolling stock fire protection is to bring the fire under control, to evacuate passengers and to guarantee the continuation of operation. With the space and weight limits in railway vehicles, Ultra Fog’s High-Pressure Water Mist System will ensure a compact solution. The lightweight design, consisting of tested and certified high-quality components, reduces water requirements and provides safe, efficient and flexible solutions for the protection of rolling stock assets and passengers.