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Wayside track and train inspection and identification

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Day 11 Nov 2020  Download
Time 16:00 - 17:00
Type Webinar

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In this online seminar various solutions based on different technologies for track / train inspection and identification will be described and discussed.

There are three focus topics:
  1. Three-dimensional inspection of passing trains for finding any protruding load or train components which could cause serious damage to infrastructure and/or life.
  2. Three-dimensional inspection by high-speed 3D camera:
    - for partly automated visual inspection of trains while passing by in normal operational speed (wayside mounted) or
    - ​for automated visual inspection of track components and/or contact and catenary wires (train mounted).
  3. Identification of train wagons or cars and locomotives when passing by with their operational (high) speed but also identification of goods during / before / after maintenanceOther technologies and applications of sensors in railway will not be presented but participants can feel free to bring up such topics during the discussions.
The online seminar will be structured in
  • a first presentation about inspections
  • followed by a brief open discussion,
  • a second presentation about identification and last not least
  • a discussion about this topic.

Three sensor experts will do the presentations. SICK’s strategic industry manager for “Traffic” will moderate the seminar. The time for discussion should be at least 30% of the seminar and participants are invited explicitly to ask questions.

Meet our colleagues of SICK at the online seminar!

Target groups
  • Engineering companies
  • consultants
or others who are in charge of designing, maintaining or operating railway infrastructure as well as vehicle owners, railway undertakings, etc. who are in charge of maintenance and operations of rolling stock.

Seminar goal is to give the participants
  • insight into SICK’s solutions for the mentioned topics,
  • a first impression about the use and integration of such solutions,
  • a first idea about best practice and lessons learned from installations,
  • the ability to judge roughly whether and how solutions for inspection and/or identification presented could be beneficial for them.

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Yes. Please find more details here

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Mr. Christoph Seewald

Strategic Industry Manager for Traffic

Joined SICK back in 1991 as product manager for sensors being used in traffic tunnels. He spent more than two decades of his professional life focused on sensor solutions for traffic.



Mr. Stefan Gassmann

Head of Product Management for complex systems

10 years experience in modular railway inspection systems.

Ms. Sofia Nilsson

Strategic Product Manager for 3D Vision

Sofia Nilsson, joined SICK 6 years ago as an application engineer with focus of 3D cameras, has a lot of experience in 2D and 3D vision and a background as software developer.

Mr. Daniel Thomas

Product Manager for RFID

Solving RFID applications since 2006 and train customer for 4 decades.


SICK Vertriebs-GmbH

SICK Vertriebs-GmbH


Exhibitor profile

SICK is a leading manufacturer of sensor solutions

From factory automation to logistics automation and process automation, SICK is one of the leading sensor manufacturers.

With solutions from SICK, you can rely on many years of experience in indoor and outdoor solutions. Systems and sensors from SICK are used in road traffic, railway traffic and sea routes.

In railway traffic SICK solutions are available for:
  • Track & Trace – RFID solutions for rolling stock but also for maintenance purposes
  • Maintenance & Inspection – 3D camera for rapid inspection of rail profile or LiDAR sensors for gauging tunnel cross sections or surrounding of railways
  • Security & safety – LiDAR based system for dimensional train inspection; tunnel intrusion detection; track intrusion detection systems; smoke detectors for tunnels, etc.
  • Connectivity: SICK also provides innovative telematic data collectors for data transfer in mobile applications
  • In cooperation with partners and system integrators, we create solutions for railway crossing and platform monitoring, human flow tracking and more.
Founded in 1946, the company now has more than 50 subsidiaries and equity investments as well as numerous agencies around the globe. SICK achieved Group sales of about EUR 1.75 bn. in the 2019 fiscal year with almost 10,000 employees worldwide.

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