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  • Siemens Mobility GmbH

    • InnoTrans 2018
    • Hall 4.2 202
    • Outdoor Display O/420
    • Outdoor Display 1/400
    • Outdoor Display 2/105
    • Outdoor Display 2/104
    • Outdoor Display 2/106
    • Outdoor Display 2/400
    • Outdoor Display 2/405
    • Outdoor Display 2/410
    The demand for mobility is growing all over the world. Transporting people and goods to all corners of the earth presents challenges for the infrastructure of national economies: Will cities be able to solve the problems caused by increasing road traffic? Can public transportation help them avoid total gridlock? How can railway operators increase the efficiency and safety of their systems? How can rail and road traffic be integrated? How can logistics supply chains be further optimized as freigh…