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  • BALTO : Primary and secondary DC injection test equipment

    STEVO Electric : Test Equipment for Circuit Breakers and Protection Relays   STEVO Electric started in 2003 with the development of test equipment for DC high-speed circuit breakers (DC-HSCB).  The product line was called BALTO and has gained worldwide market acceptance in the railway industry.    Currently, BALTO is the leading test unit for DC-HSCB with references in  North and South America, Europe, China, Southeast-Asia and Africa.  Today’s BALTO series uses batteries and ultra capacitors to…
  • BCD (Breaker Control Drive)

    The BCD is a device to open/close DC High Speed Circuit Breaker. It works with all voltage levels between 24VDC and 110VDC. The device is universal in the sense that it can close/open breakers of various breaker manufacturers.
  • DVC 1000-P

    Product of LEM Europe GmbH
    LEM makes the voltage measurement more compact Key points: 37.4cm3 total volume Fully-isolated nominal measurement of 1000 V DC, AC or pulsed Compact, light and robust package 4.2kV as insulation test voltage Meets latest IRIS requirements for rail traction applications LEM introduces the DVC 1000-P model for insulated nominal voltage measurements in traction and industrial applications. This device measures a nominal voltage of 1000 VRMS and incorporates isolating amplifier technology. De…
  • Rail Services

    In addition to supplying all type of rolling stock, CAF offers all those rail services that are required by the customers, in order to meet their needs during operation, thus reducing the life cycle cost of any train fleet. Maintenance CAF has long-standing experience in the supply and maintenance of railway vehicles which translates into optimal reliability, availability, maintainability and safety standards of fleet operation. This is possible by devising optimised maintenance plans with tigh…
  • Transport Systems

    CAF is one of the international benchmarks in the implementation of comprehensive rail transit systems. Proximity and awareness of customers' needs allow CAF to design comprehensive and complete high added-value solutions, developed based on the company's own state-of-the-art technologies, tailored to meet the specific needs of each Transport Authority, minimising operating cycle costs. CAF provides comprehensive project and engineering management throughout all stages of the project including …