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  • P.U.T. GRAW Sp. z o.o.

    • InnoTrans 2018
    • Outdoor Display O/222
    • Railway Infrastructure Railway Infrastructure
    Established in 1991, GRAW specializes in the design and manufacturing of geometry measurement systems for the railway and steel industry, including rails, turnouts, tracks and wheels. GRAW produces microprocessor-based portable devices for geometry control of railways, such as trolleys for tracks and turnouts that can be fitted with GPS or laser rangefinder, as well as track and turnout gauges, rail and turnout profile gauges, and measuring instruments for rolling stock wheels. GRAW is a devel…
  • Stadler Rail AG

    • InnoTrans 2018
    • Hall 2.2 103
    • Outdoor Display O/615
    • Outdoor Display 4/105
    • Outdoor Display 4/106
    • Outdoor Display 9/400
    • Outdoor Display 9/406
    • Outdoor Display 10/400
    • Outdoor Display 10/410
    • Outdoor Display 11/410
    • Railway Technology Railway Technology
    For more than 75 years, Stadler has been making trains that are tailored to our customers’ requirements and represent smart investment. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, our trains are reliable, safe, offering maximum comfort for passengers. We strive constantly to improve performance and efficiency. Every day, Stadler’s 7,600 employees strive for maximum precision at each of the 30 service locations around the world. Our comprehensive range of products in both heavy rail and commuter rail …