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  • Overhaul and Refurbishment

    William Cook Rail supports the train operators by providing overhaul, refurbishment and inspection services for a vast array of rail vehicle sub-systems, from entire bogies to simple HVAC units.
  • Technology is human

    Product of Voith Group
    Our success in developing innovative technologies has taught us one thing above all: people make the difference. It is people who make new ideas possible through experience, passion and commitment. As a family business, personal proximity to our customers is therefore particularly important to us. We support them in word and deed – in over 60 countries worldwide.

    The Transit Services Group supports customers in optimizing the life cycle cost of their assets by providing maintenance and spares, and by retrofitting equipment. Responsible for the performance of our Services business across the Transit market globally and is organized into a number of regional units, maximizing proximity to customers and response time. He consolidates all business related to Spare parts, repair & overhaul activities on existing trains, platforms and infrastructure and is org…