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  • Bogie Dynamic Test Bench

    The bogie dynamic test bench enables dynamic tests on railway and metro bogies, with 2 or 3 axles, both motor and trailer type. This is normally used for operational testing of bogies, predictive maintenance or for the after maintenance testing. During tests, measurements are taken via a system of external sensors or through the acquisition of signals from sensors on board of the bogie. Readings are taken of rotation speed, temperature, vibrations, noise and electrical values on the motors…

    Product of Easydur Italiana
    FAT – SHOCK ABSORBER “Electromechanical Dynamic Damper Testing machine” FAT – Shock Absorber is an electromechanical Dynamic machine for fatigue tests (Sinusoidal Cycles) with brushless motor and ball screw, designed to measure forces in extension and compression. It's suitable for Dynamic tests on Dampers. That Solution is able to work at different degrees of inclination (manual or automatic rotation), thanks to a rotating chassis, from a vertical position to a horizontal one, with automatic r…
  • Full Load Motor Test Bench

    We realize test benches for direct current motors (DC) and alternating current motors (AC). In particular, this enables testing of traction engines with outputs up to 2 MW and auxiliary motors. The test benches are produced in various configurations, according to the requirements of the tests to be performed, by type or routine versions, in observance of current international laws.