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  • 1:1 Firetest

  • 1D Simulation Software

    Oleo 1D is a one dimensional software program that accommodates the combined effects of couplers, buffers and anti climbers with approximate crush behaviours of vehicle ends.This is good for investigating the sensitivity of the whole train Crash Energy Management (CEM) system for collision response.The software is particularly useful in evaluating the options for various energy absorption methods used in bolt on devices including couplers, buffers, anti climbers and other crush elements. Th…
  • 2m-Band Train Antenna "OmPlecs TOP 230 AMR"

    Product of Antonics - ICP GmbH
    As a special highlight ANTONICS-ICP ANTENNAS will present an extremely innovative multiband 2m-Band train antennas. The train antennas ANTONICS-ICP thank to their extremely flat design "Low Profile Antenna" (very low height of 40mm / 60mm / 80mm and 140mm) allow the mutual use of different communication systems such as 2m-Band, 70cm-Band/trunked radio/TETRA, GSM-R, GSM 1800, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi 2.4, Wi-Fi 5.8 and GPS / GLONASS via a single antenna. Due to the selective coupling of the respecti…
  • ABB Fieldreach

    Product of ABB Railway
    ABB Fieldreach is a leading enterprise mobility solution that delivers the most flexible enterprise-rated mobile experience available today for Technicians and Asset Maintenance Managers. It can be delivered as an out-of-the-box solution, enabling vital mobile processes such as asset management and work management. ABB Fieldreach allows teams of workers to make changes without developers or IT, enabling the business to readily refine and enhance field-based processes to deliver effective and eff…
  • Acapela Group Software Development toolkits

    Product of ACAPELA GROUP
    Acapela SDKs have been designed for developers to make text-to-speech integration very easy. All our System Development Kits enable them with Acapela’s pleasant voices. The feature set and API are specific to each platform in order to match your requirements
  • ACS036S Axle Counting System

    ACS axle counter is a kind of signal safety equipment developed to detect the number of axles when the train passes through one point (axle counting point) along the railway, so as to check the space (occupied/ unoccupied) between two axle counting points or within the track section, or determine the time for the train passing through this axle counting point and automatically rectify the train traveling distance. As ACS axle counting equipment is not affected by the resistance of ballast bed, i…
  • ACTAIS - Access Control and Time&Attendance System

    Product of Ecocomputer S.L.
    Global system for access control to railways facilities and buildings. ACTAIS system includes the management of barriers, doors, winches, lights, induction loop, license plate recognition systems, and all kinds of validation terminals. It allows access and management the presence by different mechanisms of identification (EM125 or Mifare ID card, fingerprint (biometrics, electronic ID, vehicle registration). - Own technology (both design and development) - Customizable to client needs - Working…
  • ActionMATRIK – das smarte ITCS System

    Product of TeleMatrik PTS GmbH
    das moderne, innovative Leitzentrale mit Steuerung – Disposition – Kommunikation Kommunikation – Push to Talk ActionMATRIK, das moderne und innovative Leitsystem bekommt Daten und Meldungen von einem Android Tablet. Der APP hat alle notwendigen Kommunikationsfunktionen integriert und ist jederzeit über Mobilfunk oder mittels Textmeldungen erreichbar. Der Disponent kann somit jederzeit mit all seinen Fahrern und Geräten kommunizieren:    Bidirektionale Telefon oder Push to Talk Kommunikation    …
  • ADEX

    Product of Sternico GmbH
    ADEX (Automation Data Exchange) is a modular software system that can be used in many industrial branches to connect all people and systems involved in the production. ADEX can collect and process complex data of complex industrial automation environments. In the railway sector ADEX is used in numerous maintenance workshops, e.g. in automated processing of data in the profiling of wheelsets. Railway undertakings can use ADEX to receive data of railcars, locomotives or track building machines in…
  • Advantech EKI-6528TPI

    EN50155 8-port M12 Unmanaged PoE Switch with Wide Temperature The EKI-6528TPI  is an EN50155  certified  industrial  switch  with  IP40  protection  and  wide  temperature  support  designed  for  railway  applications. EKI-6528TPI provides four PoE ports that support IEEE 802.3af and can provide up to 15.4 watts of power per port. M12 connectors ensure highly reliable connectivity for industrial communication applications. With  IP40  compact  metal  housings,  these  switches  are  protected…
  • AeroPTZ Security Camera

    The rugged Aero-PTZ (WV-SUD638) has Full HD resolution at 60fps with a 30x optical zoom lens. The camera features hybrid image stabilisation technology and gyro-sensors, to minimise the impact of external vibrations. Designed for applications at height, at sea and on ports, piers and bridges, the Aero PTZ is equipped with ‘active sense’ technology, responding to external conditions to initiate built-in wipers to keep the lens clear in rain and snow, a heater to ensure internal electronics a…
  • aJour RodoTAG®

    Rail Odometer Transponder – kurz RodoTAG® – RodoTAG® is a low-cost and easy-to-mount measuring system for recording the mileage of wagons. The RodoTAG … is mounted directly to the wheelset shaft rotates with the shaft and counts the revolutions transmits the stored revolutions by data radio RodoTAG® comprises: A RodoTAG® radio sensor A counterweight Two screw clamps. The RodoTAG® sensor and counterweight are made of highly im…