vWORK WLAN for public transport

Product of Stahl Computertechnik GmbH

InnoTrans 2018

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InnoTrans 2018
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Product description

We have developed the "vWORK WLAN for Public Transport" solution especially for the requirements of transport operators and bus companies. Your passengers receive mobile access to the Internet, enabling them to check out timetables, for example.

With "vWORK WLAN for Public Transport" you can offer your passengers reliable WIFI, and accordingly a better service experience. This flexible industry solution combines hardware, data centre services such as content filters, and the assumption of liability. Securely separated from your passenger WIFI, additional IT services can be integrated, such as passenger information or entertainment systems – all of them requiring only one solution and one device. This saves on devices, antennas and SIM cards – and accordingly costs.

Stadtwerke Augsburg, Augsburger Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund, NVG, infra fürth, Stadtbus Ingolstadt

  • Easy to use: Select the network, accepts the Terms of Use, surf! No personal details are requested.
  • Tried and tested, stable solution: The routers are specially designed for operation in moving vehicles and the increased, concentrated number of users in the bus or train/tram.
  • Restricted surfing time: The bandwidth and surfing time is restricted per user so that the traffic and costs remain within reasonable limits.
  • Start page in your corporate design: We design the start page for users individuallyfor you. Information about the company and advertising can be integrated.
  • Web portal with analysis: Information can be obtained indirectly about passenger numbers from the WIFI use.
  • No workshop hours: The central “Network Management System”we developed ensures that settings and updates happen remotely.
  • Secure and legally compliant: We exempt you from liability – set in stone in the contract and accepted by WIFI users in the Terms of Use.
  • Secured and protected: Our vWORK data center blocks access to file sharing applications and illegal sites or sites liable to corrupt the young. We also guarantee data privacy.
  • Fit for the future and expandable: Our system can be upgraded with other applications and services, such as passenger information. Other vehicles can be activated at any time. Once they have registered, users can switch smoothly between access points when changing. Connection to the eduroam research and education network and cooperation with @BayernWLAN are possible.
  • Out-of-the-box solution: The routers are delivered individually preconfigured. Self-assembly is possible using the supplied installation instructions.
  • Router, access points: We use routers, which have been specially developed for operation in vehicles.
  • Data center and wireless LAN operator: The vWORK data centers are located in Germany. Third-party systems can be linked securely to your own data centre as an option. Stahl Computertechnik GmbH is an owner-run, independent IT service provider and is registered as a network provider with the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency).
  • Maintenance: We take over the troubleshooting of your router during the contract period. In the event of a hardware defect we replace the hired devices free of charge.
  • Simple and centralized management: Our “Network Management System” software is integral to the solution. It allows the router to be configured and administered remotely.
  • Analysis about system monitoring: Your network‘s availability, bandwidth and capacity can be monitored, as well as individual vehicles or centralized services, such as the content filter. If individual thresholds are reached, alarm notifications are automatically sent by email or text message.